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6 Things to do at Klein Curacao

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At just 1.7 square kilometers, Klein Curaçao is just a small island in the great Caribbean Sea. Yet the uninhabited island, just off the coast of Curaçao, has an intriguing history, mystery and beauty. The few structures found on the island tell its story and offer much to see and to do. Here is our list of 5 things to do while on the island of Klein Curacao.

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1. Hike

Adventurers will certainly enjoy a trip to Klein Curacao. In the middle of the island stands the abandoned pink lighthouse and not far from it the remains of the island’s first quarantine building and several graves. There are some shipwrecks on the coast. Inland it usually looks like a dreary desert, with little to no vegetation and lots of lava rocks and stones. Wearing water shoes or slippers is a must on this adventurous hike.

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2. Snorkel

Klein Curaçao is internationally known for its underwater beauty. From the sandy beach you can easily enter the water and snorkel on the lee side of the island. You can see sea turtles, lots of colorful fish and at the drop off you can see bigger fish and a good variety of hard and soft corals. If you are really lucky you can even see dolphins here.

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3. Sunbathe

The beach is a half mile long stretch of pearly white, soft sand, ideal for sunbathing. We recommend using sunscreens with a higher SPF, because the sun can become very hot and unforgiving. You might not feel the intensity of the sun's rays because of the cool sea breeze, but you will feel the result at the end of the day if you don't take good care of your skin. Please tan responsibly.

4. Relax

Klein Curacao is pure nature, an oasis of tranquility. The only structures on the island are the old pink lighthouse, a private beach house and a few huts where fishermen stay when they are on the island. No roads, no shops, no bars, just an elongated white beach and the Caribbean ocean all around. You only hear the sound of the ocean and the birds flying overhead. The perfect place to relax and become one with nature. You can relax on the boat or on the island with a book and bathing suit.

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5. Scuba Dive

Klein Curacao has a diverse and pristine ecosystem, making this destination one of the best diving destinations in the Caribbean Sea. From pristine coral reefs to drop-offs, huge schools of colorful fish and underwater caves, Klein Curaçao is a suitable destination for divers of all levels. Diving equipment is not for rent on the island, so you must bring it from the mainland. The 5-star PADI Dive Resort Dive Center Scuba Do, located on Jan Thiel Beach, can assist you with anything you need.


Klein Curaçao is the ultimate kitesurfing paradise. On the leeward side the water is calm, ideal for punching and jumping, while on the windward side the wind picks up, the waves rise, ideal for the more advanced wave riders. If you want to go kite surfing at Klein Curacao, you need to bring your own equipment, because there is nothing for rent or sale on the island. Note that Klein Curaçao is an offshore place, about 1.5 hours by boat from the mainland and has no official lifeboats, so it's not a place for beginners!

In short, adventurers, sun worshipers, tranquility seekers, underwater explorers all get their needs met in this compact space called Klein Curaçao. Book your trip to Klein Curacao if you haven't already, because you will definitely enjoy the day and always remember it!

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