Snorkeling Trip

departure time
Departure Time
10:00 AM
map location
Mood Beach (Mambo Blvd)
return time
approx. 5 hours
cruising time
Cruise Time
1-1.5 hours
Premium bar, Light Lunch, Snorkel & Mask
Adults: USD 110
Kids: USD 95
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Do you want to add a nice day trip to your already awesome vacation in Curacao? Then the 3-in-1 Snorkel Trip is just right for you. End your week with a relaxing and also activity-packed trip along the coast of our beautiful island. We will visit two famous Tugboat wrecks and offer you colorful corals as far as your eyes can see.

The Snorkeling Trip - What to Expect!

A guarantee: you will be satisfied at the end of this trip. You can snorkel to your heart’s content at three different snorkel spots and scuba divers can drift dive from one spot to the next. There is a good chance that you will see sea turtles and the crew will take care of your every need.

snorkeling spot curacaoplay

Our first Snorkeling spot - Saba Wreck

First we snorkel at tugboat Saba, a completely overgrown wreck just outside the inlet of the Jan Thiel salt flats. Due to its location, this dive site is only accessible by boat which makes it all the more special and private. Not only the Saba, the whole reef is beautifully covered with sponges, corals and is home to a lot of marine life.

The Second spot -Tugboat

The second stop is the famous Tugboat at Caracas Bay, which is visited by diving enthusiast from all over the world. You can stay in the water for as long as you want, explore the corals and the teeming sea creatures that make these corals their home. It is a spectacle to behold!

The third snorkeling location - Caracas Bay

For our third snorkeling spot, the crew goes further into Caracas Bay, where there is an even more spectacular - believe it or not - snorkeling site. If you dive or snorkel along the pier and the offshore drilling rig stationed there, you will see a multitude of fish and other marine life in this area! You will want more eyes and air to continue exploring this area to the full.

In the meantime, the crew prepares a filling lunch served as a buffet on the bar. While the grill is lit, you can snorkel, enjoy a drink, catch some rays and take in the view of the historic fortress of Beekenburg.

Impression of Our Snorkeling Trip

To give your lunch time to digest, Catamaran BlueFinn leaves for the inlet of Barbara Beach to tour the exclusive Spanish Waters. There is so much history associated with this area because it was used by the indigenous Araways through the conquering Spanish, which led to the construction of the Beekenburg Fort seen earlier on this very same trip. As is to be expected for a Caribbean island, there are many admirers of boats and yachts settled here. You will enjoy ogling the many majestic yachts anchored in the sheltered waters with the backdrop of Table Mountain (Tafelberg). If you have ever considered living on a sunny island, you will surely be seduced by the mansions at sea on display here. Afterwards, passengers are safely returned to the departure point.
Tour Map

Tour Map

Snorkeling Tour Map

The underwater landscape of Curacao is one to discover! Take your loved ones on a snorkeling expedition to the 3 most beautiful snorkeling sites on the east coast of Curacao.

On Fridays at 10:00 AM we leave for our first snorkeling spot in the open ocean! Here you can see the overgrown wreck of a sailboat surrounded by colorful fish. The second snorkel spot is the famous Tugboat in Caracas Bay. This 9 meter long wreck is covered with coral, sponges and surrounded by schools of colorful fish. It’s a site to see! After snorkeling here, we serve you a delicious lunch at the third snorkeling spot, the pier of Caracas Bay. In shallow water you can swim among an abundance of fish, coral and other marine life. You can even go underneath the pier to see different formations of hard and soft corals. It is truly a spectacular snorkeling spot!

Frequently Asked Questions About the Snorkel Trip

I arrive on Curacao by cruise, can I join this trip?

The 3-in-1 Snorkeling trip departs from Mood Beach at 10:00 AM. This location is approximately  20 to 30 minutes from the Curaçao Cruise Terminal. If your cruise docks early, you have a good chance of making it in time to check in at 9:45 AM. The trip docks back at Mood Beach at 3:00 PM. Please note that whether or not you make it to our trip is at your own risk. Arriving too late or no show = no refund.

What should I bring?

Towel, sunscreen and anything else you like against the sun: sunglasses, hat, cap, swim shirt. If you are prone to seasickness, it is wise to eat well an hour before departure, as there is no breakfast on board

Which 3 snorkel spots will we visit?

The first spot is the tugboat Saba wreck located outside the Jan Thiel Bay inlet, the second is the famous tugboat wreck at Caracas Bay and the third is the pier at Caracas Bay.

Will we see dolphins?

The Curaçao Dolphin Academy opened in 2002 in the Curaçao Seaquarium and its mission is to inform and educate visitors about dolphins. They do this through various programs, both in their closed environment and on the open sea. During our first snorkeling stop in the open sea, most days our paths cross. This is when our guests can see the dolphins of the Curacao Dolphin Academy up close swimming and playing in open water. This is not a standard or included part of our service.

What Is The Story Of The Tugboat At Caracas Bay?

A long, long time ago, a mishap with an anchor sank this small tugboat right in front of the cliffs of the Quarantine & Slave Hospital ruins. Fish, corals, eels, octopus and other marine life have since made the tugboat their home and it is a spectacle to behold. Only a few meters below surface, snorkelers can enjoy this site as much as scuba divers.

Can I scuba dive during the snorkeling trip?

During this trip it is only possible to make a drift dive from Tugboat to the pier at Caracas Bay. For more information and to make your diving arrangements, please contact Dive Center Scuba Do. If you enjoy diving, you can also charter our motor yacht Kailani, fully equipped for diving, or join the 2-tank boat dive to East Point with Kailani, operated once a week by Dive Center Scuba Do.

What others say About our Snorkeling Trip

Alexon P
November 2022
First & Best Catamaran Experience - It was definitely worth the money. Was an experience second to none. Crew was phenomenal and took great care of their customers especially the ones that got sea sick. Vibe was nice. Big shout out to Blue Finn and their team. 10/10 experience and highly recommend it.
Dirk S
November 2022
Unbelievably good - Super experience, what a day, good quality food, drinks, music and on top of that great crew!!!
100% guarantee for great day🙏🥳🥂
Eveath B
September 2022
On our Klein Curacao Trip - The crew members are courteous the boat is very clean I had a blast and the lunch was great I enjoy every moment it was fun and more fun hats off to the crew
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